Estonia plans complete border fence with Russia

Estonia plans to construct a border fence after Russia controversially jails an Estonian security agent, the government has revealed.

Immigration report shows record numbers coming to the UK

Immigration stats from the British Office for National Statistics shows "significant" rises in the number of EU citizens coming to the UK this year.

Serbia and Kosovo sign “landmark” EU-brokered deal

Serbia and Kosovo have made steps forward in major economic, political and social areas as both seek EU membership.

Migration crisis: Germany suggests bringing back national border controls

Migration Angela Merkel
Germany has suggested reinstating national borders as leaders meet to discuss the migration crisis affecting Europe.

Stock market selloff: China sends the world markets tumbling

Stock market shanghai Shanghai Composite Index
The ongoing Chinese market falls are not just an economic concern – but also a test of the Chinese Communist Party’s control.

Alexis Tsipras to step down as leader of Greece

Alexis Tsipras has announced he will step down as Prime Minister of Greece, with elections to be held on September 20th.

Suspected Russian missile fragments located at MH17 crash site

MH17 A mobile Buk surface-to-air missile launcher, similar to that believed to have been used in the incident
Suspected Russian missile fragments have been retrieved from the MH17 crash site as their authenticity is disputed by Russia.

Hungary stops migrants from Serbia with 100 mile fence

hungary Razor Wire borer with serbia
Hungary is building a 100 mile razor wire fence along its border with Serbia in an attempt to stop a flow of refugees.

Europe moves toward a unified migrants policy, but divisions remain

Migrants in Sicily
The European Commission has approved funding to help members deal with the influx of migrants, but member states fear not enough is being done.

Russia vetoes UN investigation into MH17 crash

Malaysian Airlines MH17 wreckage
Russia has vetoed a UN resolution calling for an international tribunal into the crash of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17, to widespread international condemnation.