Labour keir starmer

Labour wants continued single market access after Brexit

Labour has demanded British single market membership remain an option post-Brexit after the DUP blocked a deal over Irish border concerns. Sir Keir Starmer asked...
DUP Arlene Foster

DUP blocks Brexit deal over EU regulatory concerns

A Brexit deal was scuppered yesterday as the DUP flexed their political muscle. Theresa May had agreed in principle to a deal with Jean-Claude Junker...
Northern Ireland border brexit

Northern Ireland to remain bound by single market rules after Brexit

The UK government has conceded that Northern Ireland will remain subject to EU single market rules and regulations after Brexit according to an RTÉ...




Jean-Claude Juncker addresses Council of Europe

Commission president Juncker warns people are losing faith in EU

President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker has said that people have lost faith in the European Union, and that the organisation had overstepped...
Migration Angela Merkel

Migration crisis: Germany suggests bringing back national border controls

Germany has suggested reinstating national borders as leaders meet to discuss the migration crisis affecting Europe.
Lithuania kaliningrad

Russia puts spy behind bars for 13 years

Russia has jailed Yevgeny Mataitis, a former naval officer to 13 years behind bars in Kalingrad. The Federal Security Service (FSB) of Russia stated on April 13 that...


Immigration report shows record numbers coming to the UK

Immigration stats from the British Office for National Statistics shows "significant" rises in the number of EU citizens coming to the UK this year.