Labour keir starmer

Labour wants continued single market access after Brexit

Labour has demanded British single market membership remain an option post-Brexit after the DUP blocked a deal over Irish border concerns. Sir Keir Starmer asked...
DUP Arlene Foster

DUP blocks Brexit deal over EU regulatory concerns

A Brexit deal was scuppered yesterday as the DUP flexed their political muscle. Theresa May had agreed in principle to a deal with Jean-Claude Junker...
Northern Ireland border brexit

Northern Ireland to remain bound by single market rules after Brexit

The UK government has conceded that Northern Ireland will remain subject to EU single market rules and regulations after Brexit according to an RTÉ...




EU referendum poll shows 17 point lead to stay in UK

An EU referendum poll for The Daily Mail has found a 17 point lead in the vote to remain in or leave the European Union.
Greece refugees

European Union promises €700 million refugee aid for Greece

The European Commission has announced over €700 million in aid to help Greece deal with over 50,000 migrants. EU Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management,...

Unemployment figures across Europe ease down, slowly

Unemployment figures fell to their lowest in four years across Europe, but youth unemployment remains a massive problem in austerity-battered countries.


Tunnel trouble: Man dies as thousands attempt Channel Tunnel crossing

A man has died after over 1500 migrants attempted to sneak into restricted Channel Tunnel areas to get to Britain this week. Both the French and British governments are scrambling to secure the entrance at Calais, while both have been pointing the finger at one another.